Thesis title

“Social media as facilitators of tacit knowledge sharing practices amongst public sector employees.”

Publications associated with this research

Buunk, I., Smith, C. F., & Hall, H. (2019). Tacit knowledge sharing in online environments: Locating ‘Ba’ within a platform for public sector professionals. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science, 51(4), 1134–1145.

Buunk, I., Hall, H. & Smith, C. (2017) Skills in Sight: How Social Media Affordances Increase Network Awareness. In Proceedings of the 18th European Conference on Knowledge Management ECKM

Buunk, I., Hall, H. & Smith (F), C. (2017). Tacit knowledge sharing: the determination of a methodological approach to explore the intangible. Information Research. 22(1)

Academic supervisors

Professor Hazel Hall, Director of studies, Director of the Centre for Social Informatics.
Dr Colin F Smith, 2nd Supervisor, Senior lecturer at the Centre for Social Informatics.
Dr Michael Smyth, Panel Chair, Reader at the Insitute for Informatics and Digital Innovation.

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