Back on track

shallow focus photography of railway during sunset
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Well, well, well….it’s been a while. For your information, I haven’t perished (!) Better than that, I have finally managed to submit my PhD thesis at the very end of December 2019. The Viva is scheduled at the end of March this year so I’ll write more about this when appropriate.

This post is also to announce that I’m back on track (of blog posting I mean). Since I’m (hopefully) approaching the end of my doctoral adventure, the content of this blog will be more and more focused on its initial purpose: to explore the world of knowledge, tacit knowledge, Knowledge Management, and Information Sciences. To that matter, I have finally taken the decision to split my Twitter account into two distinct ones:

  • The Knowledge Explorer (@tacitknowhow) will from now on exclusively cover topics related to Knowledge Management, tacit knowledge, knowledge sharing, data & information, Information Sciences, libraries, and a bit of wisdom,
  • While my personal Twitter account (@irisbuunk) will remain, well, personal.

Last but not least: while I’m getting ready for my Viva, I’m actively looking for a professional position in which I’m looking forward to taking the variety of skills have acquired through my career to the benefit of an organisation. To my readers, if you hear about any position in Knowledge Management or Information Sciences in Europe and preferably within International Organisations or within the public sector, please feel free to let me know. My professional profile is available on LinkedIn.

The appropriate use (or misuse) of knowledge (the way is to shared, managed, capitalised) is becoming increasingly relevant in the complex world we live in. This is particularly true when we consider the variety of challenges waiting for us to be addressed in a not so distant future. I’m therefore looking forward to sharing little gems of knowledge here and there, hoping to humbly contribute to the collective knowledge that connects us all.