ECKM 2017 – Barcelona

UIC gate-min.jpgI’ve just come back from the ECKM Conference in Barcelona, the head full of ideas and the heart full of memories, and I wish to report here some of the moments and insights that have been meaningful to me.

A professional visit

I arrived two days before the official launch of the conference so that on the day of my arrival, I could meet with Dr Angel Borrego, Head of the ‘Facultat de Biblioteconomia i Documentació‘, at the Universitat de Barcelona. He introduced me to the various programs delivered by the Faculty, as well as its rich history.

Jordi Rubio i Balaguer, one of the Directors of the School of Librarians.

The department provides various programs in the field of Information Sciences to undergraduates and graduates students, with the possibility to undertake a PhD. If the number of students seems to slightly decrease, the employment rate for those who have accomplished their studies remains high.

For the anecdote, the ‘Escola Superior de Bibliotecàrie’ was opened more than 100 years ago, in 1915, with the aim of improving the access to culture and knowledge to the population. The school was only opened to women. This might sound pejorative, but actually, it was the first time that women were given the opportunity to have an official professional position. The school finally got opened to men in the early 80s, after having joined the University of Barcelona.

I’m very thankful to Dr Angel Borrego for having taken the time to welcome me during my short journey in Barcelona.

Pre-conference workshops

The day after, I’ve been attending two workshops organised by the Academic Conferences and Publishing International (ACPI) and the International Association for Knowledge Management (IAKM):

  • Designing a Successful Knowledge Management Strategy for Public Sector Organizations: How can this be Achieved? Led by Dr Fábio Ferreira Batista, Catholic University of Brasília, Brazil. This workshop was an opportunity to learn from the winner of the Second Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital Excellence Awards – 2016 and be inspired by a best practice case study.
  • The future of KM: short-time goals and long-term vision. Led by Ettore Bolisani, Alexeis Garcia-Perez, Malgorzata Zieba and Sandra Moffett, International Association for Knowledge Management (IAKM). This workshop was an opportunity to discuss and elaborate on three different themes: 1) KM research and practice: challenges and opportunities; 2) Innovation in KM teaching, learning and assessment practices; 3) Towards a global KM expert: the views from workshop participants.

These workshops also provided the opportunity to meet some of the participants of the Conference and reflect on KM practices and theories while discussing it with academics and professionals.

ECKM Conference

ConfHall-minOn Thursday the 7th of September, the ECKM 2017 was officially launched. About 200 participants gathered for two days of knowledge exchange and discussions on a variety of themes, all related to Knowledge Management. Needless to say that my main challenge has been to choose among the 140 (!) sessions available (which can be quite a frustrating process!). Finally, I’ve been really satisfied with my selection. It would take too long to sum up all of them here, but some interesting themes have certainly caught my attention, such as: the influence of ’emotional intelligence’ over KM, the use of virtual reality within knowledge networks, emotional barriers for tacit knowledge sharing, social media adoption for knowledge sharing, the difference between evaluations and audits, the damage of mistrust in regard to knowledge sharing, and last but not least, a yin-yang perspective on organizational systemic change.


Three keynotes were also addressed during the Conference:

  1. Prosumption: Utilization of Consumers’ Knowledge in Organizations. / Prof. Ewa Ziemba (Associate professor at the University of Economics in Katowice, Poland)
  2. Empowering Conversation in the Workplace.David Gurteen (Well-known writer, thinker, public speaker and facilitator on Conversational Leadership)
  3. Re-wiring our brain in the Cloud: Excelling with Knowledge Work in the age of digitalisation. / Prof. Eric Tsui (Professor and Associate Director of the Knowledge Management and Innovation Research Centre (KMIRC) at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Tsui presentation

Each of these keynotes was really interesting, providing a different point of view on the multiple characteristics of knowledge. The last one given by Prof. Eric Tsui was particularly stunning, as it made us aware of the future challenges and opportunities that knowledge workers will face in regard to knowledge access within the Cloud.

Presentation of my paper

I’m aware that it is going to sound presumptuous, but of course, the pinnacle of the ECKM Conference 2017 for me, was the occasion to present my paper “Skills in Sight: How Social Media Affordances Increase Network Awareness” co-written with my supervisors Prof. Hazel Hall and Dr Colin Smith. It is the first time that I’ve been able to present a full paper among other scholars in front of world experts in Knowledge Management. Honestly, I felt half excited, half terrified by this perspective, but I was (for once) quite confident in my work and the results I was about to present.

30 minutes before my presentation…

A bit less than 20 people showed up to find out about my research. My presentation went well, and I was pleased to answer and discuss the few questions and comments that were being asked or expressed: one of them was related to the social affordances provided by the Knowledge Hub platform; another one was an approval of the necessity to distinguish skills from expertise, which was precisely what I had specified at the beginning of my presentation.ECKM badge-min-min

Last but not least, I’ve had the honor to benefit from the presence in the audience of one of my ex-professors of the Master in Information Science (undertaken six years ago), Linda Stoddart. This was a pleasant way to realise that I’ve come a long way…

All in all, this ECKM conference has been a very satisfying experience and my very first steps in the KM “big league” 🙂 Indeed, it has been a relief that I could finally discuss my research with other attendees without worrying if I was going to be understood or not – a feeling that I didn’t  always have during other conferences… For the very first time in my short academic life, I’ve had the feeling that I found my academic family.



I cannot emphasise enough to what extent the location of the Conference contributed to enhancing the overall experience of this journey, making it so enjoyable from the beginning until the end. It was the first time that I went to Barcelona (and actually in Spain), and I’ve been amazed by the beauty of this Catalan city.

Barca1-minFrom the fancy seaside to the impressive Gothic quarter and the quiet district of Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, I’ve had several occasions to be soaked up by the magic atmosphere that this city has to offer. I will definitely go back there, with the hope of enjoying more thoroughly the richness of its culture.


I would like to officially thank the CILIP association for having awarded me the John Campbell Trust Conference/Travel bursary last year, as it has allowed to attend this event in Barcelona. It was a golden opportunity for me to present and discuss my research with an academic audience of world experts in knowledge management, that I am not ready to forget. Finally, I would like to thank my dear supervisors for their continuous support in my work and their priceless trust in me. I would have never been able to present this paper without their contribution and wise advice.

Gracias muchas para todo! 

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