Knowledge journey in Barcelona


Next week I will be travelling to Barcelona to present my latest paper ‘Skills in sight: how social media affordances increase network awareness‘ co-authored with my supervisors Prof. Hazel Hall and Dr Colin Smith, at the European Conference of Knowledge Management (ECKM 2017), held at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC).

This unique opportunity to attend the ECKM conference is generously offered to me by the CILIP Library and Information Association since I’ve been awarded the John Campbell Trust travel bursary. Indeed, this will be the first time during my PhD that I will be able to present and discuss my research among academics and practitioners from more than 40 countries, who are all specialised in knowledge management.

Prior to the conference, I will be able to attend two workshops:

  • Designing a Successful Knowledge Management Strategy for Public Sector Organizations: How can this be Achieved? Led by Dr Fábio Ferreira Batista, Catholic University of Brasília, Brazil.
  • The future of KM: short-time goals and long-term vision. Led by Ettore Bolisani, Alexeis Garcia-Perez, Malgorzata Zieba and Sandra Moffett, International Association for Knowledge Management (IAKM).

The first day of my arrival, I will also have the occasion to meet colleagues from the Faculty of Library and Information Science at the Universitat de Barcelona and researchers from the Institute for Innovation and Knowledge Management at the Universitat Ramon Llull, to discuss various aspects related to research in Information Science and Knowledge Management.

Anyhow, what is sure for now is that I can’t wait to undertake this journey – not mentioning that it will be the first time of my life that I will go to Spain(!)

If you want to keep up to date, check my Twitter account: @irisbuunk where I will regularly share news and updates.


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