My first paper


Less than two weeks ago, I have received the confirmation that my first (short) paper (co-authored by my supervisors Prof. Hazel Hall and Dr Colin Smith) was accepted for the ISIC conference 2016. This is such a good news! Not only because I will be able to present it myself during the conference, but also because it will be published in the review ‘Information Research‘ next year, in 2017.

It is quite a weird feeling to realise that one day, my name will be ‘searchable’ in the academic databases under the field ‘author’. I guess I’d rather get used to it…

This said, I’m looking forward to attend the ISIC 2016 conference which is dedicated to Information Behaviour. A research area that I had only discovered while studying in 2009 for my Master in Information Science at the EBSI (University of Montreal), as at the time, it didn’t seem to be very know in the European french-speaking Information Science schools.

My paper covers methodological approaches regarding the study of tacit knowledge. A topic that I will address in my next blog post.

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