The 4th month

Yay, I’ve just started the 4th month of my PhD. Sounds unreal. Time flies, too fast to my taste. I just came out of a workshop organized by the InGSoc seminars within our IIDI Insitute, named “Blog Whys. Also, blog where and blog who.” by Jane Carnall, the blogger behind the Edinburgh Eye. Among the several great advices that she gave us, here are three that caught my attention: If you want to blog,

  1. “you have to have something to say”
  2. “you need to have self-confidence in what you write”
  3. “you need to have self-discipline”.

I’d say that number 1 and number 2 are rather strongly related. Indeed, I was wondering (and that’s one of the numerous reasons why it took me so long to start this blog) not only if I had anything to say, but also if I had anything “interesting” to say. Therefore this advice n.1 already stresses me out, as I have no idea yet what I’m going to write here, and moreover, if it will be of any interest to anyone on this planet. But who cares hm? Me of course. It reminds me on a joke Ellen (Degeneres) said while teasing the actors at the Oscar Academy in 2007 “Look, it’s not that we don’t want you to make a speech, it’s just that we really don’t want to hear any boring speech” she joked while pretending relaxing everyone 🙂 But I’m getting carried away… So, here I am. I need of course to have something to say (I think so far I’ve made it, ha!), I need to have confidence in what I write (as long as I can share my personal insights, it should be fine). As for the advice number 3….I’ll need self-discipline. Well, frankly, one post a day to talk about my PhD? Hmm, I seriously doubt about it, but let’s see…once a week would be a pretty fair aim I’d say. Nice week-end to all

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