The concept of ‘Ba’

Last week, I've had the honour to present my second academic paper during the i3 2017 conference at the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. It presents preliminary results from a survey undertaken by members of an online social platform, Knowledge Hub (KHub), that incorporates social media features and enables knowledge sharing amongst public sector professionals. … Continue reading The concept of ‘Ba’

Local GRAD school 2017 – lessons learnt.

Last week, I've had the chance to attend the Edinburgh Local GRAD School among other PhD students from all over Scotland. The aim of this training was to give us some space so that we can become more aware of our personal and professional transferable skills. There were a lot of group activities, some workshops, … Continue reading Local GRAD school 2017 – lessons learnt.

The exploration of the intangible

One of the most important stages of a doctoral study is the empirical work that enables us to collect data and gather results in order to hopefully help us answering with accuracy our research questions. To ensure the validity and reliability of the results, this empirical work must preliminary be based on a rigorous methodology.  The … Continue reading The exploration of the intangible